DoReMe and Carey Fountain

As a Rapper, Producer & Visual Artist, Carey Fountain combines his talents to challenge the human perspective and encourage individuality. “I am the founder and content curator of DoReMe. One man team, Fountain explains. “In a fast-paced society, full of misinformation and contradictions I made the platform to encourage self-awareness and individuality,” says Fountain. “I believe[…]


I’m Jessica Chanel a.k.a. “The Chroncially Ill Artist”. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UAB. As the creative director of J.Chanel Art, I create “illartpeaces” from charcoal drawings, functional book art, and abstract paintings. I hope to bring awareness to chronic illnesses. I’m on a journey to combine psychology and art in[…]

Heavy Metal Titan – Jacob Burnett

My name is Jacob Burnett. I work under the title of my long-time nickname, Titan. Inspiration usually hits at the worst of times, such as when I am at my day job and have no access to my materials. It typically comes through music, whether it be something pertaining to the subject or not, the[…]

People Like Us: And They Called Me Poontang

People Like Us: And They Called Me Poontang by: Thomas “The man, they myth, legend” “Thundergun” Putnam, Esq. No one realizes how cold concrete can be, until something has gone wrong. Some find solace from a fever or a biting hangover in the cold. Others find a cruel discomfort, a byproduct of acute self-awareness. Surrounded[…]

5 Steps for Realistic Scar Makeup

I’m Lita Sheri Peer, from Birmingham, Alabama. I slay hair/makeup, and I am a pet caretaker. I am also a self-taught, upcoming, SFX artist. I love my cats & going to concerts. I graduated from Aveda Institute Birmingham in 2012. Since then I have worked in Aveda salons and other freelance jobs, creating desired results[…]

HV Hyche, Ian Curtis, Joy Division

HV Hyche

HV Hyche What art do you most identify with? I still feel a deep connection – both stylistically and emotionally – to the riot grrrl movement and the DIY zine scene that surrounded it. What themes do you pursue? The dreamy and the ultra femme, which are aspects of myself I had a hard time[…]

Scot P. Langland

Super Tuesday Pressing I Voted against my front pocket, I make sure everyone will know I can ink bubbles too. The chair-bound retiree coughs his disapproval at my lack of decorum. He can tell I haven’t graced his realm before. Leaving St. Peter the Apostle’s voting complex, I dip my fingers into the marble holy-bowl[…]

Erin Blankenship

The First of Many The wood was cracking, like a piece of jute unwinding. Bowing in the center, searing the newcomers, its veins of rot were covered in globbed brown paint and now were tombs for bugs. Dead ferns litter the dying deck, wilt over the sides of pots, their octants spiraling their iron pose.[…]

Kate Boliek

Kate Boliek   Briefly describe who you are and what you do. I’m Kate. I draw when I can, and I am currently exploring what my best role as an artist looks like. My heart is also in rape survivor advocacy. What inspires you? My work sparks from both direct and indirect conversation. Text has[…]

beautiful bodies, beautiful bodies of birmingham, mb gaines

Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham

Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham by: MB Gaines I think I discovered body positivity at a young age, but we didn’t have the language yet. I remember always being pretty unapologetic and wondering why that bothered folks so much. I officially discovered BP in 2012 or 2013, when I was 23. It forever changed me to[…]